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This site is about air raid sirens. Most people know what these are, and they've most likely heard the sounds, but how many can tell you what they look like?
What they weigh? How they work? Who makes them? Not many! That's why this site exists--to satisfy anyone who wants to know more about these sirens.
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10.19.13 - Down Time
So apparently many of you did not see the scheduled down time notice. Right now the server upgrades were successful, however, mysql seems to bebugged up so the forums will be down for a few more hours (typing this on 10.19.13 @ 10:51AM EST.)
The forums should return back to normal within a few hours. Thanks for your understanding!

10.12.13 - Fall Photo Contest Winner!
As many of you know, we held a photo contest for the season of fall! This contest was a tad disorganized, and rules and time frames for it will be much much better and simpler for the Winter contest (Contest for winter starts Saturday, December 21).
Without further adue, I would like to congradulate woodyrr as our Fall 2013 photo contest winner! His photo will remain the site back ground until the Winter contest is over. More guidlines following up for that will be given at a later date.
Photo details from the photographer:
"I had the privilege of watching Tyler Shaw (antiwhoknows) and his dad as they removed Tyler's Norman, Oklahoma Thunderbolt on a beautiful November day in 2010. I call this photo "Anticipation"."
From everyone on ARS, congradulations! And happy posting!

5.28.13 - The Torch Has Been Passed
After several years of no updates, this site is finally getting some fresh life. Adam Smith (the former owner of this site) has forwarded the domain to a new server that is hosted by Inertia Networks.
With which, the message board has been updated, with other additional updates to the site planned for the future. Please check the board for updates!
Jason & Matt

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